Student members:
Summer is approaching, the office of the School of Management is providing As summer internship opportunities. Please see the relevant information as reference ~ 1. Nanshan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ( ChinZheng Communication Department):
Today, 06/14/2016 (Tuesday) Department of Economics invited Shi-Yuang Tong, Director of Nanshan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (ChinZheng Communication Department) to the school to give a speech about internship, students are encourage to participate. Students who are interested in this internship are welcome to register with the Department of Economics.
The internship information is as follows:
(A) Time: 5 pm (about 10 minutes) 2016.06.14 (Tuesday)
(B) Venue: Room 215, School of Management
(C) Speaker: Tong Shi-Yuan, Director of Nanshan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Chin-Zheng Communication Department
2 , "Summer Internship" held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province by Cross - Straits Cross - Century Exchange Association: the relevant information, such as the annex file, students who wish to apply, please contact the Association staff, Miss Tsai,0981-887653
Note: Please refer to the attached file
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